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I wish I had found your website sooner as it would have saved me from wasting money on poor business opportunites! This is the best website I have come across for reviewing business opportunities.
Michael Jeffries

Well done on the excellent reviews you provide. A real breath of fresh air amongst so much rubbish out there.

I was certainly impressed by the forensic and informative nature of your material and realised immediately that "BizOp" Watch is a bona fide operation, offering high quality review products. Please keep up the good work.
Greg Antao

May I say how good the recent issues have been I can't even imagine the trouble you have been through to get them out but please keep up the good work as they and your writings are an excellent service.

It's the only unbiased info on the market that I've come across. Keep up the good work (don't know how you do it so cheap!)
Carl Nelson

As regards the attacks by business opportunity promoters on your qualifications and your manner, this is simply because you are viewed as a threat to those whose interests may be harmed by your very logical and painstakingly meticulous appraisal of their opportunity. Such response proves you are doing your job well - that's why we pay you!
Mike King
King Wilkinson Associates

Whilst writing just to say how much I enjoy reading your publication, just finished the May edition. Thought your input re X was terrific.

Your publication is now so much easier to read, thank you. The content is fantastic and worth every penny. I don't know if you have done anything on X or Y in the past but I would be interested in hearing your views on either of these individuals.
David Perriman

We initially subscribed to The Board Magazine to research business opportunities working from home and recently re-subscribed to your online publication to look at ways of increasing our 'income streams'.
Congratulations on the June and July editions. Most definitely better late than never.
Rosemarie and Leslie

I think you are the only truly unbiased business opportunity review service I have found on the Internet in the UK.

I think your publication is both useful and a good read, so I look forward to receiving it for as long as you publish.
Greig Martin

I am enjoying the monthly editions and they are well worth the money. Keep up the good work.
One particular area that interests me is financial trading and the articles in the May and June issues from Bob Welfare really hit home. As a person who has probably spent close on £3000 on system after system, by so-called experts, this really caught my attention and everything he said made sense. I even contacted him regarding questions I had on my current trading and he was very helpful in giving me advice and pointers to improve my earnings as a trader. He answered every query I had. To talk and discuss points with someone who actually makes a business from trading was excellent.
Keep up the good work Marian and more guest sections like the above can only give hope to anyone wanting to try something different a help control there own financial future and steer away from the rogues along the way.
Gary Dawson

Thanks for all the hard work you do to keep the Board's ideals alive.

Thank you, Marian, for saving me money by your timely exposé of the Ultimate Entrepreneur Club. Several friends had been pressurising me to join, but something (in addition to the high cost) held me back. Now I know what that was! Even so, one friend continues in his quest for riches through this - while another heeded Marian's warning. We shall see!
Jill Bray, Malvern

Thank you so much for saving me some cash. I was pondering whether to part with £640.00 to Gary Foxcroft Ultimate Entrepreneur Club (he's now promoting a copycat scheme called Liberty Wealth Club at and although the fact he wants cash is a bit suspect and put me off. I now know what a mistake that would have been. You really are a true hero.

I've just finished the October issue (having had a break for dinner). Amazing stuff. I don't know how you ferret out all this information but it makes fascinating reading.

I have found the reviews to be both excellent in content and entertainment value!
I never knew there were so many rogues out there.
My reason for subscribing was to obtain further info on X. I was seriously considering investing in X and had conducted some research myself. I have decided not to pursue my interest any further as I do not think it has the potential or WOW factor anymore.
Thank you once again for the excellent material.
Steve Hague

I have recently become a member. So far I can't fault the reports, very honest and there is no feel of you being paid to give better revues on certain opportunities like you find with other services like yourself.

Thank you for helping me to get the bank draft to David Ryan / David Howseman stopped I dont think the bank would of helped me if it wasn't for your letter.

I decided to cancel my subscription to Business Opportunity Watch as I don't really see myself taking on anything else at present. At the time I registered I was thinking of trying to replace my full time job with something part-time as I was finding the workload too demanding. However, I was offered a part-time role and have been reasonably happy since. I've really enjoyed your reviews and have mentioned your service to a business group I'm a member of so hopefully you'll get a subscription (or two) to replace mine. May I take this opportunity to encourage you to keep up the great work you're doing. It's rare to find such thorough research and genuine unbiased opinion in such a crucial area at such an affordable cost. Long may you continue.

You are about the only bit of 'sensibility' that I have received to date. I have really appreciated your input. I have a lot of decisions to make over the next month or so, and I cannot tell you how invaluable I have found your interest and columns - full of common sense and easy reading. Thank you so very much and please, carry on your excellent work. I am still, however, mystified about the franchise market, however, you are stopping me from falling into some serious pitfalls and saving me HUGE amounts of money. Take care and I wish you all the luck in the world - you deserve it.

I have recently been scammed myself by a company which I'm sure you're familiar with - Home Business Program Their company is Webcrome LLC. With their sign up fee (non refundable apparently) and other costs (mainly advertising) I have lost £200 in the last week! Shame I didn't know about your site beforehand so I didn't have your info on this company else I wouldn't have joined them, but thanks for your help anyway.

Like the new site and your reviews are excellent, as always.

I have just joined your site and found the infomation very helpful and well researched. Many of my friends are disillusioned with companies that they join going out of business time and again or just not delivering and so I will recommend that they join your site to save lots of time and money.

I know that when you write up a review on a biz opp which is being marketed by high profile promoters, they can get angry and hot under the collar if your review is not favourable.
You always give them the right to reply to your criticisms and often they do come back with replies. However I can imagine that they still feel bitter and resentful that you wrote an unfavourable review in the first place.
You're certainly not in the business of putting smiles on the faces of biz opp promoters, though you will always give them due credit and praise for their schemes when you feel it is justified.
I know your main objective in running Business Opportunity Watch is to offer your members impartial and unbiased reviews based on thorough research and analysis which in turn helps them to make more informed decisions.
That's why I like your service so much and have been a loyal subscriber for many years.

Just wanted to say thankyou for providing prompt access to your report detailing your research. A well documented and interesting read.You certainly saved me alot of time.

I've just bought 2 reviews from you and am impressed with the detail and logic of both. I intend to become a member soon.

I have also been busy reading the current and a number of the back issues of BOW and would like to congratulate you on providing well written analyses of the many programs circulating around the internet. In fact, the only problem I foresee is that I will be so engrossed in reading all the material, that I will not get around to starting anything for myself... Keep up the good work and kind regards,

I was very happy with the high quality of the reports you have provided and would recommend it to anyone who wishes to start a franchise or other advertised business opportunity. My reason for stopping my subscription is that I started a full time job in October and have not used the site since. January came along and New year New broom!

My membership expires soon. and I'm keen to renew because of your excellent reviews. Please keep them coming. You are providing a very good service.

I'm very much enjoying the information on your site, certainly opened my eyes to some of the 'opportunities' which are doing the rounds.
Matt Milner

Dear Sir/Madam - though I suspect after reading your enlightening, ruthlessly forensic and rigorously analytical reviews - it will be "Sir...... Could I just say how incredibly impressed I was - coming across your site. Keep up the good work - thank the Lord for poeple with your commitment, brains and sound sense. I can only support you I'm afraid by ensuring that every chance I have to refer someone to your site - I will!

I paid for and received your report on XXX which raised some excellent points and has probably saved me a great deal of money as a result - many thanks.

Having reviewed your website I want to congratulate you on what I believe is probably the best review website I have seen - and I have seen a lot!!

I think your site is excellent and I really appreciate your unpicking the vast array of "opportunities". I have also really appreciated your rating system as well.
For many years I have recieved opportunities either by direct mail or email, and while i consider myself reasonably intelligent, I have often been unable to determine whether or not an opportunity is genuine, and realistic. Having studied marketing, it is very clear that the potential of an opportunity and the reality of an opportunity can be worlds apart and your site has really helped to focus more on the realities rather than the potential.
I also really enjoyed your down to earth "hard questionning". It gets to the heart of what every potential customer of these opportunities need to be asking, but are not necessarily skilled, experienced or confident enough to do.
I would urge you to keep up the good work.

Many thanks for the link to the review. It was excellent reading and
your analysis and writing was superb. You point out so much that the
average punter would not even realise.
David Williams

Many thanks for the report. £3 spent well and a lot of money saved. I very nearly came close to handing over £6,000 .........................

Great site. I’m actively looking for the right opportunity and BOW has been an unbelievably useful tool to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Thank you for the extremely informative report about Mr. X and his scams. I got an email from his company and was very intrigued. I have been trading for 20 years and cannot believe how excited I got reading his stuff. So then I poured myself a glass of wine and found your company. Thanks so much for "sobering" me up LOL.
I will never look at another offering without checking what you said first. It was an enjoyable read! Great work!!

What is amazing about the reports you produce is the quality of the research, and the clarity of mind and formidable intellect you bring to bear on matters in the often shady world of biz opps.
You are able to separate the workable propositions from the dross.
Your background as a Chartered Certified Accountant enables you to offer helpful tips and practical advice on opportunities that are found to be genuine.
All the best to you in your efforts to help comsumers make informed choices.

Glad I read your full report on X. There is no way I will be tempted by this offer after having read your very thorough review.
I agree entirely with your comments! Definitely an offer to avoid! I will certainly check all ‘opportunities’ out in future by visiting your site before parting with any money.

Thanks again for a great website - it has saved me much more than I have paid for it.

Thank you for this. The best £3 which I have ever spent. Total rubbish – your review confirms what I thought after reading the first instalment of this course about trading options.

I am 67 years young and in my retirement i need some extra income , i have just paid £3.00 for a review
well let me tell you this was the best £3.00 i have ever spent in my life.Well done.
Mike Pickering

Had I been aware of your website I could have saved myself a very large amount of money over the past 11 years.

Thanks for an excellent site, its so hard to find neutral opinion among all the disinformation out there. I wish I found you 12 months ago and I might not have lost the £10k that I have over the last 12 months.

I've just read your report about x and related business, and your opinion gave so far a lot of insights than never thought.
And I got my Conclusion about such money systems and claims...!!.
Thank you very much, you save me a ton of time and wasting money too.

Many thanks for saving me from yet another scam!

I am a new member of your site and wish that I had found this years ago. I would have saved myself thousands of pounds in wasted money and time. What a refreshing change to find a review site that can post an honest appraisal without all the biased rubbish that is on most review sites.

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