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book of unbiased reviews of best home business opportunities to avoid scam

Tired of falling for business opportunities and franchises

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Try our revealing reviews - unique forensic analyses that expose
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"It's the only unbiased info on the market that I've come across."
Carl, Business Opportunity Watch member since 2005

unbiased reviews of best home business opportunities to avoid scam

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BOW's 44 Top Rated Home Business Opportunities and Franchises

Latest edition

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You may have been searching on the Internet and elsewhere for a good, ready-made home business opportunity or franchise. The choice is bewildering.

They all sound so appealing, easy and profitable.

How can you choose between them?

We've done a lot of the hard work for you.

You save time, money and heartache with our ebook by being steered away from home businesse opportunities and franchises which don't work.

We've narrowed down your choice by sorting out the wheat from the chaff. Best Home Businesses and Franchises 2013 contains the 44 top-rated ready-made, home-based business opportunities and franchises which have been recommended to date by Business Opportunity Watch magazine.

It gives you a unique advantage because it contains the results of totally unbiased research and investigation, sorting out the businesses and franchises which work from the ones that don't.

Unlike other magazines and review sites on the Internet, Business Opportunity Watch does not receive any advertising income from home business opportunities and franchises and it does not receive any income from commission links to them, either.

The only income Business Opportunity Watch receives is from subscriptions to Business Opportunity Watch, sales of individual reviews and sales of the Best Home Businesses and Franchises ebook.

Therefore, you have the peace of mind of knowing that our recommendations are totally unbiased and honest and are not influenced by advertising or commission payments from people selling home business opportunities and franchises.

And that's not all - these recommendations are also backed up by the 30 years' experience of the editor. She's had 17 years as a professional accountant followed by 14 years' experience of investigating home businesses and franchises.

44 ready-made home-based business opportunities and low-cost franchises are included in Best Home Businesses and Franchises 2013. They all scored 7 or more out of 10 in our online magazine Business Opportunity Watch.

  1. All the businesses and franchises have been hand-picked for their suitability for people who want to work from home and run their own business, either part-time or full-time with a low investment. A few of them are even free to start.

  2. These are straightforward, genuine opportunities to work from home. Most of the businesses and franchises have been proven over time, and some promising newcomers are also included.

  3. Many of them need no special skills, qualifications or experience.

  4. You can start to work from home quickly with most of these businesses and franchises, although a few require you to have some training, which is included in the package.

  5. You will find a wide choice of opportunities to work from home in this ebook - something for everyone, for example:

    - home publishing
    - internet marketing
    - selling on e-Bay
    - writing
    - mystery shopping
    - party plan
    - photography
    - insurance agency
    - diet consultancy
    - network marketing
    - child minding
    - greetings cards
    - copywriting business
    - laptop repair
    - telecommunications
    - DIY
    - pet minding
    - book-keeping
    - domestic cleaning agency
    - children's playgroup

  6. All the businesses and franchises featured in Best Home Businesses and Franchises 2013 will be based in your home - there is no requirement to rent an office or to have a retail outlet.

  7. You will find that the ebook contains full details of the company offering each business or franchise so that you can contact them.

  8. There is a wide range of earnings potential, depending on your choice of business or franchise. Because these are businesses rather than jobs, your income will increase as you build your business over time.
Available through online access, the Best Home Businesses and Franchises 2013 ebook gives you full details of each home-based business and franchise, with contact details for the 44 companies, including our research and analysis explaining why each business is a top-rated one.

Price: £19.95

Delivery: Online access

Money Back Guarantee:
If you are not totally delighted with Best Home Businesses and Franchises 2013 then simply email us or telephone us within 7 days of receiving your order and we will send you a full refund with no questions asked.

P.S. Special Bonus
- Automatic Updates - Your purchase of this ebook comes complete with online access for 6 months, during which time your online copy will be automatically updated with new top-rated businesses and franchises reviewed in Business Opportunity Watch.


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