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The B.O.A.R.D. Magazine

(Business Opportunities Advertisers Report and Directory)

Page One

The long-running BOARD Magazine
(Business Opportunities Advertisers Report and Directory) - predecessor of Business Opportunity Watch - was published 10 times a year for 12 years from June 1993 to June 2005. Previously in hard copy at 24 pages per issue, back copies are now available on request.

Reviews 2003-2005

Business Opportunities Advertisers Report and Directory Issue 108

Challenor Properties, Deborah E. Cooper, Calum Moir
Lifestyles MLM
Posigrip, Gary Robertson
James Sheridan, James Edwards, OPIUM, OPI-UM, Jason Sayers, Filta Group Worldwide
Taylor Skelton Walters plc

Update, Stephen Saunders
Powerview Consulting Group, David Mattocks
Quality of Life Academy, Mark Layder

For Info
Gambling Act 2005
Intenta Marketing Ltd
OMI Club, Refund Claim
Ignite Leisure holiday club,
Designer Way Vacation Club, Timelinx Group, Garry Peter Leigh
Mannenberg Ltd, Unity UK Magazine, Advertiser's Refund Claim
HTML Commercial Ltd
A&M Inc Ltd
Lawton Publishing Ltd
Mannenberg Ltd, Fast Market Ltd, The Complete Guide to Eating Out in South Wales, The HUB magazine Cardiff City
More Power For The Consumers' Association
Sterling Mansion (UK) Ltd, Mansion Investments Ltd, SMI (Overseas) Ltd, Portfolios of Distinction Ltd, Turningpoint Seminars Ltd, CM2 Services Ltd.
Off Plan Property Investment Companies Head For The Sun, Property Investment Seminars: Property Innovations, Inside Track, Palmera Properties, The Property Investors Club, Assetz For Investors, Reeds Rains, MoveWithUs, SAI Investment Properties Ltd.
Property Spy plc
Isiris Racing Services
SkyBiz Refunds

Your Letters
Gambling As A Potential Source Of Income
Off Plan Disaster - Refund Wanted
Utopian Business Opportunity Wanted
Three Gold Plating Machines For Sale
Octopus Travel Club
Paul Watts, Watts Mail Services, Escape Newsletter
Your Free Bookstore
How to Save A Fortune When Buying Or Selling A Home, Maximum Profits From Minimum Ads, Graham Bell
James Alexander, Horse Race Betting System
Selling E-Books With Resale Rights - Does It Work?
Spread Betting and Currency Trading
Tim Mayes, The Winning System, Horse Race Betting System
The Guerrilla Stock Trading System, Jim Sheridan, Lifetime Enterprises Ltd, Streetwise Marketing Ltd.

Business Opportunities Advertisers Report and Directory Issue 107


FX Trainer, Zoltan Vass
Goldline Training System, Mark Harniman, Henlowland.
Lawrence Marshall Horse Racing Tipster
Lighterlife Weight Counselling
Ovenclean Ltd
Recruitment Set-Up Company, Richard Mellor

Are There Really £Millions In Music by Dec Cluskey of
Advertising Business Opportunities - Identity Issues by Janet Weil and Danny Bensley of Weightmans Solicitors

For Info
Stores Online Inc/Brandon Lewis
Direct Gold Scam Job Offer
EU Supplements Directive Invalid
The Storm Report/Jim Storm
Webcrom/Home Business Program
James Sheridan/One Deal
City Index FSA Fine
PIPS/People In Profit System
New eBay Shops
Land Grab UK
Spencer Michael Consultancy
United Land Holdings plc
Property Spy plc
Baron Deschauer
European Land Sales
UK Land Investments Group
Feedback Files

Your Letters
Mailing List Suppliers
60 Minute Money/Herbalife
Football Cash Generator
Top Star Mailshare/Ibrahim Shevket
Pathway Driving Svcs/Constacheck
How To Stop Working and Make A Million Pounds - Streetwise
CMS/Toby Unwin/One Deal
Stuart Goldsmith Live Training Day
Assett Investments/Mark Harniman
EU ban on Vitamin Pills
Ashley Carr Raceline
Songwriting - Copyright Protection
Songwriting - Make Money
Hygienitech/Silent Mites
Simon Foreman/Fordale Enterprise
Colin Davey/Sovereign Syndicate
Meadow Vale Bloodstock Agency
Consumer Policing

Business Opportunities Advertisers Report and Directory Issue 106


CMS Publications, Jim Sheridan, Toby Unwin, One Deal From Retirement, Col-Ease, Asset Protection Specialist
Destinations Property Marketing estate agency business
Financial Freedom Society Inc
Fun For Life Club,
Stuart Goldsmith, Live Training Day, The Inside Secrets of Information Publishing
Markiteer Ltd, Tim Lowe, DVD Business Training
My Mag, Sue Botterill
Next 24 Hours,
Sigma, Ventura Racing Ltd
Ultimate Earning, Andrew Thompson,, Business Kit, DVD and Web Starter Pack
West Side Fulfillment Ltd, Andrew Reynolds, Manhattan Direct Ltd, Cash on Demand Business Course

Designs for Living, Talk Back Thames TV
New Dimension PR Service, Mike Truscott, Headline Helpdesk PR Service
Sea Scouts Appeal, Derek Chambers


Struck By A Heavy Club - Feedback on OMI Club

For Info

Delta Data Services, Neath Mailing Services, David Breach
Consumer Direct Online
International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network
Fleet Street Publications, Investment Academy Newsletter, Instant Internet Income, Jim Sheridan/James Sheridan, Agora Lifestyles Ltd, The Short Cut Bulletin, Guerilla Stock Trading System, CMS Publications, Col-Eaze, Asset Protection Specialist
Argus Global Equities Ltd, Echo Resources Inc
Holiday Clubs and Travel Clubs, The Timeshare Organisation
Advertising Standards Association adjudication, G B Associates Ltd, Paul E. Watts
Wire Pay AG - scam
International Medical Corporation
Highbury Financial Services, Penny Shares Newsletter
Simon Johansson/Simon Hill, Free Land
Online Directories Ltd, Jenny Harris

Your Letters

Assett Investments Ltd, Mark Harniman, Assett 18, East of England Development Agency, Prime Analysis
iNet Seminars, Stores Online inc, iMergent Inc, Brandon Lewis, How to Seek a Refund, Seminar Purchases
Business Coaching
GDI Global Domains International, ws domain names, Trading Schemes Regulations
Fleet Street Publications, Red Hot Penny Shares Newsletter
Mail order/drop shipping
Simon Hill/Johansson, Lord and Thomas, Mega Wealth Academy, Emerald Passport Scheme, Passport to Prosperity, David Ryan/Howseman
The Storm Report, Jim Storm
OMI Club - How to Claim a Refund
Racing Information Database, RID
What Really Makes Money, Nick Laight
Home Business Review, David Nuttall

Business Opportunities Advertisers Report and Directory Issue 105


Global Domains International Inc
Hygienitech, SilentMites, Mattress Doctor, Mattcare
Inside Track
Midas Touch International Ltd, Goldgenie Pro 900
Mtec mobile phone repairs
Pro Image UK, MLM dietary supplements
The Concept

Hatched & Matched
Home Business Alliance
New Dimension PR Service
Telecom Plus
Winners Lay Losers


How to Succeed in Business Without Selling by Martin Gover

For Info
Communication Data
The Free Lotto Company
The Brimardon System
ASA Adjudications-Keith Middleton Racing, Property Investors Courses Ltd, Streetwise Marketing Ltd, The NHS Patient's Insider Handbook
Richmond Royce Advisory Services SLU, IMS Holdings Group Inc
HYIPs - High Yield Investment Program scam
OMI Club
YMSS, Your Money Machine Success System, eMoneyNews
ACN Telecommunications
Herbalife public share offering
Actinic free course
Planline, KF Concept, Kevin Foster
Equinex Ltd, Equitrack VSR, Barry Shepherd

Your Letters

Trading The Easy Way, Spread Betting Course by Ian Williams from Streetwise Marketing - Feedback Received
Signmaking business - training - JFK Signs
Southcourt Property Management-Lettings Agency Opportunity
The Serious Writers Guild, Dec Cluskey
Wire Pay AG, Outsource Line Inc, Schultz Cars Part Company, Alpen-Antique GmbH - job offer scam
Disability Discrimination Act compliance, Simple Solutions (Worldwide) Ltd
Nick Laight, What Really Makes Money magazine
Jim Sheridan, Legacy Direct
James Moore, First Class Incentives
Stuart Goldsmith
Phil Gosling eBook Millionaire's Workshop,
Avril Harper, Ultimate Guide to Making Your Fortune with Resell Rights
Simon Johansson, Mega Wealth Academy, Tax Free Cash System, Football Cash Generator
Anvil Locksmiths
The Lazy Man's Way to Residual Riches by Steve Jones Publishing
Racing Information Database - Feedback Received
Legal Terms and Conditions for your Website,
Coaching business opportunities
Ask Pablo
Key Revenue Entertainment, Andrew Reynolds, Bookingline Ltd, Cash on Demand Masterclass - Refunds

Business Opportunities Advertisers Report and Directory Issue 104


Phil Gosling, Phil Dee Ltd, eBook Millionaires Seminar
Karen Gray, speed dating opportunity, Jim Sheridan, CMS Publications, Andrew Reynolds, Bookingline Ltd, Manhattan Direct Ltd, Stuart Goldsmith, Tim Lowe, Markiteer Ltd, Nick James, Power-Tech Associates Ltd
Property Abroad, PropertyAbroad,, www.sell,
Reynolds, Andrew, Cash on Demand system
Xango MLM

Co CTE, Trip to Spain, Philip Nash
Health Explored, James Brunton
Telecom Plus, Mike Higham
Hatched and Matched, Dave Bromley, Ezeeweb Solutions, Derek Chambers, 1st Choice Promotions
How to Accelerate Your Business Growth, David Mattocks
Richard Stuart, SoftBiz

For Info
David Ryan, Vantage Point, Ultimate Internet Leverage Marketing System
Lloyd Sterling Ltd, Adult Franchise, Free-2-Mail franchise, Stephanie Anne Lloyd, Keith Hull, Stephanie Booth, Sex Net Franchise
PayPal Chain letter scam
Co, Graham White, Rococco Ltd, knitwear party plan, Attercliffe Road, Sheffield, Sensortrol Ltd t/a Abulon
OMI Club,
Telecom Plus
Select Services, Mark Jennings-Kerr
Liberty Health Net,
Andrew Reynolds, Cash on Demand system, Cash on Demand Masterclass
Xango MLM, Noni Juice MLM, Limu Company

Request for feedback

Prime Source Products, B. K. Davies, "How You Can Make £5,000 to £10,000 (Or More) Per Month Through The Post With These Simple Products"
Zest to Invest, Winners Lay Losers by Steve Parker
Philip Gegan, PRR Publishing Ltd, "Zero to £11,100 Profit in One Month"

Your letters
Peter Parfait, The Property Association, Property Auction News, Streetwise Marketing
Casa International, Pat Adams,,
Mega Wealth Tax-Free Cash System, Simon Johansson, Lord and Thomas, Shaun Eglinton, York House Direct
Stores on Line
5StarSex website franchise,
Clevelander Racing System, Laurence Mason, Streetwise Publishing
Trading The Easy Way by Ian Williams, Streetwise Marketing
The Secrets of Fixed Odds Success by Paul Forester, Capital Westland

Business Opportunities Advertisers Report and Directory Issue 103


Emerald Passport Inc, Power Profit Team, Charlie Golick
Holidays OK Agencies, Freedom OK
Kitchen Restyle Company, KitchenRestyle
NiScape Ltd, Patrick Anderson
SelClene Ltd, Mini-Franchise
Styling Team, Foliatec, Folia Tec Auto Glass Films
Totally Vending, Tim Martindale, Pasante condoms, Wrigleys Extra Mint

For Info

Homeworkers legislation
BT crackdown on premium rate scam
Money laundering scam
Inventions - scam promoters
100,000th computer virus
Online security advice, BankSafeOnline
Big five converge against spam, Sender Policy Framework, Sender-ID
E-mail spam scam
Illegal cigarette imports, dutyfreenow, taxfree2us, notax4us
PayPal problems and complaints,,
Lawton Publishing Ltd, Business World magazine, BWorld magazine, Asian Network magazine, i-world magazine
Mannenberg Ltd, Fast Market Ltd, Unity UK magazine,, Complete Guide to Eating Out in South Wales,, ALR, Advanced Logistical Racking
TSM Communications, Opportunities4Wealth magazine,
Kevin Foster, KF Concept, Planline
European City Guide,

Requests for feedback
Life Coaching as a career
Dislike of Selling
Football Cash Generator, FCG,
Wade World Trade
Trading the Easy Way, Ian Williams, Streetwise Marketing
The Clevelander Racing Service, Laurence Mason, Streetwise Marketing, The Arbitrage Line
My Secret of Wealth Plan, Douglas Rennie

Your Letters
Feedback Received - Life Tools, Effort Free Life System, Chris Payne
The Quantum Organization Franchise,
The Property Association, Peter Parfait
Feedback Received - Free Internet Marketing Conference - iNet
Feedback Received - Life Coaching
Feedback Received -Telecom Plus
No-selling business wanted, DIY Framing,
Feedback Received - Simon Foreman, Fordale Enterprises
Online Auctions, Nick James, Online Auction Video, Power-Tech Associates Ltd, How to Make £250 - £1,000 every weekend from online auctions".
Football Cash Generator, FCG system, Punter Profits,, Drawn2Win, David Wrenham
Money-Link, Fast Data, Cleveland Baker,
Manhattan Direct Ltd, Andrew Reynolds, Refunds re Peter Newey Property Search scheme
Tim Lowe, Invitation to a Private Briefing, Ron G Holland,, World Wide Wealth Club
Ebay University Day
No risk betting, First Independent Corporation, Barry Thornton, Streetwise Marketing, Geoff Matthews, Streetwise Arbitrage Advisory Service, Alan Seymour,
SoulMates, Roger D. Bates
Richard Mark, Select Few Football Service
MPS Services, Jasper Baddiel
Peter Newey, Property Search Business, Avril Harper
Mark Harniman, Selecta 7, Goldline,,
Southcourt Property Management, (letting agency opportunity)
Leaflet Distribution Business
Feedback Received - Equinex Ltd, Equitrack VSR Systrem, Barry Shepherd,
Feedback Received - First Class Incentives, Alfred James Moore
Feedback Received - Dec Cluskey
Property Investment Scheme problems, Gary Golden, Aba White
Wade World Trade - review
Tim Lowe, Markiteer Ltd, DVD Business, 18th October London Airport meeting, John Harrison, Streetwise Marketing

Business Opportunities Advertisers Report and Directory Issue 102


Legacy Direct, CMS Publications Ltd, Jim Sheridan
Southcourt Property Management
Spencer Michael Consultancy Ltd, Spencer Michael, Tudor Rose Solicitors, Neil Cloutman, Emerald Investment Group, St. Pauls Property Developments Ltd, Property Investors Courses Ltd, Instant Millionaires Programme, IMP
Starscapes International, StarLite
The Select, Benjamin A Fountain
The Loan Consultants, TLC

Ezeeweb Solutions Ltd
Home Business Alliance
Everyday Essentials
Telecom Plus


This year's favourite scams by Consumer Minister Gerry Sutcliffe

Right to Reply
PIPS, Pure Investor Profit System, Bryan Marsden, Paul Bowers, Brett Heppolette

For Info
K F Concept, Kevin Foster, Planline, Monetics
Latest Visa/MasterCard scam
HYIP scam, High Yield Investment Programmes
E-gold, E-gold Ltd
Juice, Onspeed
Jargon-free guide to Internet and email
Simon Foreman, Fordale Enterprises Ltd
Portfolios of Distinction Ltd
Andrew Reynolds, Manhattan Direct Ltd, Peter Newey course
Streetwise Marketing, Tim Lowe, DVD Business, Markiteer Ltd
Effort Free Life System, Chris Payne
Assett 18, Assett Investments Ltd, Mark Harniman, Lloyd Bennett
iNet Seminars

Your Letters

The Serious Writers Guild, Dec Cluskey
Eric Cole, Secret System, Betwealth, Datebox Ltd
Racing-Profits, Terry Noone, Race Check
Azure Dene Ltd
James Sheridan, CMS Publications Ltd, Instant Internet Income
Email Club UK, Bob Barrett
Telecom Plus
Mortgage Training
RejuvaSlim Franchise, Vivienne Talsmat, Rejuvaslim International Ltd
Lucky Strike Lottery
Financial Spread Betting Guru
Ghost Tours and Walking Programmes, Craig-y-Nos Castle
Three Genuine Businesses
Streetwise Marketing, Zero Risk Online Casino Course, Casino Scalping, David Moss

Business Opportunities Advertisers Report and Directory Issue 101


CFTR Associates, Commodities and Financial Futures Trend Research, D. Jeff Jevtic
Fuse Invest Ltd, Sanjay Patel,
Layman's 2004 Guide to an Immense Free Fortune, Simon Johansson, Burley Associates,
Mega Wealth Academy, adverse possession, Free Land and Property
Juice, Daniel Houghton
Maid2Clean Franchise
Money-Link, Fast Data, Cleveland Baker
PIPS, Private Investment Profit System, Bryan Marsden
Racing-Profits, Terry Noone
Y & D Group, Yorkshire and Derbyshire Group, Peter Griffiths and Ken Ingham, YD

Home Business Alliance

DIY Framing Case Study by Duncan McDonald

For Info
ATM thefts
Get rich quick scam
Spam - illegal activity
Microsoft case: the latest
Beat identity theft
All about cookies
Verified Rights Owner programme
New regulations for premium rate numbers
Online gambling - children
Bin-Laden and MyDoom viruses
Domain name invoicing scam
US case "entrepreneur" trademark
Use the Small Claims Court
Fast 2 Net Ltd, Fast2Net, Herbert Towning
Maple Academy, ASA arbitration
MCI Technologies Ltd
K F Concept, KF Concept
Practical Property Portfolio Ltd, Deneside Developments Ltd, Templewell Developments Ltd, Montague Lloyd Developments Ltd, Castle Residential Services Ltd
Nutri-Health, ASA arbitration
Azure Dene Ltd,
The Feedback Files

Your Letters
Fleet Street Publications, Wave Matrix, Thierry Laduguie,,
Elliot Wave Theory
Cheshire Finance, Cheshire Motor Finance, Cheshire Financial Services, Christopher James,
Bob Welfare
Telecom Plus
Essential Mortgages
Prompt Financial Training
Total Training Network
Dec Cluskey, Serious Writers Guild, How to Make a £Million From Your Music,
Residual Riches, The Lazy Man's Way to Residual Riches, Paul E. Watts,,
Jim Morsley, Camelot Direct Marketing, Mike Taylor, Entrepreneur Syndicate,
Email Club UK, Zed Mail Marketing Program, Zed Mail Business Services, Zed One Internet Services, Robert Barrett
Richard Mark, Select Few Football Service
First Class Incentives, James Moore
Saros Research
Money Flooding In
Novus Tek

Business Opportunities Advertisers Report and Directory Issue 100


CS Company Services Ltd
G3 Market Place Ltd, G3MP
In-Home Legal Services Ltd
Premier Direct Group Plc
Lazy Man's Way to Residual Riches, WMS, Paul Watts, Simon Tofield,
T5PC, UkT5PC, The 5% Community
Vince Stanzione
Webwealth, Leslie Fieger, Delfin, Learning Frontier Technologies Inc

1st Choice Promotions
Home Business Alliance

Right to Reply

World Games Inc

For Info
New gambling laws
Doorstep selling
Protection for credit cards overseas
Faster cheque clearance
New global anti-spam pact
Consumer Direct
Atak computer virus
Phishing scam
New Patent Office website
Cold calling frozen out
Cheaper mobile calls
Tim Lowe, Markiteer Ltd, How to get a refund
David Moss, Casino Scalping
Planline, Infocus International scam
Capital Publishing homework scam
David Rhodes chain letter
Feedback Files

Your Letters
Winnings from overseas scam
Portfolios of Distinction
First Class Incentives, A. J. Moore
Tim Lowe, Stuart Goldsmith, R. Bates
C S Company Services Ltd
Peter Newey, Avril Harper
BOARD Reviews
I S Trading
Pulse, Full Disclosure Report, Nick James
Postal and Courier Ltd, How to become a Freelance Courier
Sports arbitrage betting
MLM success principles
Adam Dowdes, First Time Success, A D Associates
Fortune1 Racing, WhichTipster
CMS, Instant Internet Income, James Sheridan

Business Opportunities Advertisers Report and Directory Issue 99


Academy, Gary
CMS Publications, Jim Sheridan a.k.a. James Edwards, Instant Internet Income
Debt Solutions Ltd, Debt Adviser Training Course
Freedom Financial Solutions International, MasterCard PrePaid Credit Card, Steve Hopkins
Freephone Group, Jennie Harris, Simon Harris, Tobin Harris, Marnie Harris, Freephone Group Ltd, Freephone Distribution Ltd
PDS High Wycombe, Christian Orpin
Markiteer Ltd, Tim Lowe, DVD Business
Dr. Barry Neale PhD, DCH, Accelerated Change Training Ltd, Bookingline Ltd, Andrew Reynolds, Practice Builders Ltd

All About Beauty and Fashion
Home Business Alliance
Women in Business, Bank of Scotland

Schemes and the art of self-deception, article by Professor John Kay

Right to Reply
World Games Inc, WGI

For Info
TV Direct Distribution, Just 4 You
US FDA ban on Ephedra
Domain names - don't be hustled
New media - new challenges for the ASA
A 'one stop' shop for advertising standards
Scam Health and Safety agencies
Too good to be true on the internet - avoid scam
P6 Legal Newsletter Offer
James Alexander, Peter Kearney
Kevin Foster, K F Concept
Millions of letters lost every year
Prescriptions for parsley: legal challenge to EU threat to natural health products
£1 trillion in household debts

Your letters
Feedback received: David Moss, Casino Scalping,
Feedback received: First Class Incentives, Alfred J. Moore, Roger D. Bates
Feedback received: Debbie Benjamin, First Class Solutions
Internet Marketeers still wanted
Feedback received: Paul Gorman
12 top tips for your choice of MLM
Multiple or single MLM?
How can MLM work?
Arbitrage betting service
Opt-in email lists
Oliver Goehler's Family Secrets Package, Streetwise Marketing
Leaflet droppers wanted

Business Opportunities Advertisers Report and Directory Issue 98


First Class Incentives Ltd, Alfred J. Moore
First Time Success, Adam Dowdes, A. D. Associates
Quit 4 Good, Stephen Murphy
SMS Cash, UDT Ltd, Seab Scully
Sue Ricks Reflexology Training
Ultraseal, Ultraseal UK Ltd
Vehicle Sourcing Group, Sir Jonathan Penn

Cit E-Business Ltd, Phil Citron
Directors Centre, Robert Craven
First City Financial Ltd
Home Business Alliance
Alan Johnstone, Ezy Talk

How I started by Duncan McDonald

For Info
World Games Inc, WGI
Nutri-Health International Ltd
Practical Property Portfolio Ltd, Deneside Developments Ltd
Distance Selling Regulations
Inkjet scam
E-commerce help and advice online
New domain names
Spam surge continues
Bogus stock tips - beware of scam
Browser-based attacks on the increase
Boom in 'phishing' scam
Top ten steps to success
New rules for bankrupts
Block on telephone sales calls to businesses
Peter Newey, Local Property Search Business, Manattan Direct Ltd
Delta Data Services, Business Links Ltd

Feedback received
Streetwise Confidential
David Moss,
British Entrepreneurs Association
The Storm Report, Wentworth Publishing
Paul Gorman seminar

Feedback requested
Rags to Riches Cash Formula, Ross Miller
The Poor Man's Revolution, John McLure
Cash on Demand Masterclass, Andrew Reynolds. Manhattan Direct Ltd, Tim Lowe, Markiteer Ltd
British Opportunities Association, Land Projects UK, Mike Bloxam
First Class Solutions, Debbie Benjamin.

Your Letters

John Best, sweet vending machines
Miglio Jewellery
Warren Borsje
Forever Living Products
The Full Disclosure Report, Nick James, Pulse Interactive Publishing (feedback received)
Nick James, Power-Tech Associates Ltd
Webcrom Ltd, Home Business Program (feedback received)
I S Trading, Ibrahim Shevket (feedback received)
David Howseman, David Ryan, EMTA, Entrepreneurs Mentoring and Training Association, Ultimate Internet Leverage Marketing System (feedback received)
Stuart Goldsmith, Retirement Seminar (feedback received)
New business ideas,
Saros Research
Racing tipster services
Select services, Mark Jennings-Kerr (feedback received)
BFP School of Photography (feedback received)
Canine Behaviour Centre (feedback received)
Generating business ideas
Streetwise Confidential
Mega Wealth Academy. Simon Johansson, Lord and Thomas (feedback received)
Inside Track Property Seminars (feedback received)
Streetwise Marketing, The Streetwise Property Entrepreneurs Home Study Course (feedback received)
What Really Makes Money, Nick Laight, Canonbury Publishing Ltd (feedback received)

Business Opportunities Advertisers Report and Directory Issue 97


DIY Framing
Great Experience Days
Key Revenue Entertainment
Mega Wealth Academy, Lord and Thomas Publishing, Simon Johansson
Pulse Interactive Publishing, (previous name Pulse International Publishing Ltd), Full Disclosure Report, Nick James
Streetwise Marketing - Selling Information Products by Mail

1st Choice Promotions
Bank of Scotland/Women in Business
Female Inventor Workshops
Home Business Alliance


How to assess a multi-level business opportunity - is it legal? (part 3)
by Janet Weil

For Info
Cash Card Worldwide, Cash Solutions Group, Bob Reina
Work from home in Scotland, Brian Campbell,
New laws for bogus traders
War against spam intensifies
UK backs anti-spam move
Data Protection Corporation, Data Processing Protection Corporation
No to "Made in EU Marking"
Changes to banking codes
Direct selling rules awareness campaign
Email scam
CMS Publications Ltd, Guerrilla Stock Trading System, James Edwards, James Sheridan
Permaworld/Sharon Hadlow
Millionaire MakersAcademy, European Lottery Guild
Inside Track Property Seminars, Jim Moore
The Feedback Files

Your Letters

Home Publishing Revolution, Phil Gosling, Phil Dee Ltd
Tonemakers, Platinum Portfolio Ltd
Paul Gorman
World Games Inc
Forever Living Products
Illegal cigarette imports
The Photon 2000
Stuart Goldsmith, Medina Ltd
Lloyd Sterling Ltd, David Mooney
Herbalife, 60 Minute Money
The Brimardon System

Business Opportunities Advertisers Report and Directory Issue 96


Business Makers Inc, Robin Stannard
Guerrilla StockTrading Systems, James Edwards, CMS Publications Ltd
Home Publishing Revolution, Home Publishers Association, Phil Dee Ltd, Phil Gosling
Le Club Francais
Select Services, Mark Jennings-Kerr
Ultimate Internet Leverage System, David Ryan, David Howseman, Vantage Point, Digital Direct.

Franchise Exhibition
Business Advice Days
Home Business Alliance
Royal Mail
Telecom Plus

How to assess a multi-level business opportunity - is it legal? (part two)
by Janet Weil

Right to Reply
Soul Mates UK Ltd, Roger Bates

For Info

Scam trade mark registers
Changes to distance selling regulations
Campaign against scam slimming pills and potions
Peter Newey, Local authority property search opportunity
New mobile phone scam
Unity UK magazine, Fast Market Ltd, Lawton Publishing Ltd
Emails re unexpected money
Warren Borsje, Warren Borsje Education, The Biscuit Award
Feedback File

Your Letters
Cash Card Worldwide
Financial Spread Betting
Vince Stanzione
Everyday Essentials
I. Shevket, I S Enterprises, I S Trading
Get paid for online surveys
Tim Lowe/Markiteer Ltd, Andrew Reynolds, Manhattan Direct Ltd
Streetwise Marketing, The Streetwise Opportunity, The 89P System
The 'No Names' company

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