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The B.O.A.R.D. Magazine

(Business Opportunities Advertisers Report and Directory)

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The long-running BOARD Magazine
(Business Opportunities Advertisers Report and Directory) - predecessor of Business Opportunity Watch - was published 10 times a year for 12 years from June 1993 to June 2005. Previously in hard copy at 24 pages per issue, back copies are now available on request.

Reviews 2003-2005

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Business Opportunities Advertisers Report and Directory Issue 95


Anvil Locksmiths
Bargain Breaks Brokers
Business in a Box, Proscript Ltd, Richard Clarke,
Cash Card Worldwide, Cash Solutions Group
Dove Travel
Perfect Future Publishing, David Bishop
The Secret System, Eric Cole, Datebox Ltd


1st Choice Promotions
Everyday Essentials
Home Business Alliance,
New Dimension PR Service

Right to Reply
Robert Barrett, Phoenix Club, Zed One Group, Email Club UK, New Entrepreneurs Essential Internet Project Package


How to assess an MLM opportunity - is it legal? (part one)
by Janet Weil

For Info
Canadian Lottery Scam
The Companies Bill
Internet Registrations Bureau, Euro Web Designs
Christopher Yewdall, Data Protection Agency, Data Protection Registration Services
The Spam Ban
Cold Calling Ban
"Made in EU" stamp - decision to go limited should be put on hold
Markiteer Ltd, Tim Lowe
The Streetwise Opportunity, The 89P System, Streetwise Marketing,
Equinex Ltd, Equitrack VSR System
Irvin F. Clifford, IFC Sports Investments
John Lisgo, Trainee Product Finders, Future World UK, Wealth-Center, Fraser Hay
DCM Publications, Streetwise Cash, The Ultimate Cashbox
The Add On Income Formula, John C. Poole
Mark Harniman, Selecta 7, Assett Investments Ltd

Your letters
Stuart Goldsmith, Goldsmith Action Group
Arbitrage Opportunities Advisory Service, Streetwise Marketing
The Streetwise Opportunity, Streetwise Marketing
I Shevket, I S Trading
Internet Marketeers Wanted, Home Business Travel Arrangers Wanted
Tim Lowe, Markiteer Ltd
Roger D. Bates, Soul Mates UK

Business Opportunities Advertisers Report and Directory Issue 94

Classic Cottages
GMASS, Glyn Massey, Repair and Sell Laptops
HealthCard Plus, Geoff Liberman
Kids Music CDs
Mastery TV
SelClene, Martin Gover
The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Fortune with Resell Rights, Avril Harper,

Everyday Essentials, Trevor Cording
Home Business Alliance
Modern Sunclocks, Douglas Hunt
Telecom Plus, Colin and Gwen Sanderson
UK Shop, Hugh Johnson

For Info
Gifting schemes
Spam ban 11th December 2003
Business rates victory for homeworkers
Mobile phone law for drivers
More businesses and homes online
Land registration law
Draft gambling bill
"You have money!" scam
Mortgages and Loans Ltd
David Bolton, Herbert Towning, Fast2Net, Stuart Goldsmith, James Edwards, CMS Publications Ltd, Col-Ease, Col-Eaze, 12 Tilbury Close, Reading RG4 5JF - latest news
Robert Barrett, Zed One Group, Phoenix Club, EMailClubUK - latest news
Proscript Ltd, Richard Clarke - request for feedback
Markiteer Ltd/Tim Lowe "Cheap little web-address ads" - request for feedback
Barry Shepherd/Equinex Ltd, Equitrack VSR System - request for feedback
The "Streetwise Opportunity" - request for feedback
Streetwise Marketing, 89P - request for feedback
emails re: overseas riches

Your letters

Peter Newey, Local Property Searches,, - feedback received
Streetwise Marketing, DiVergence Profit System, Arbitrage Opportunities Advisory Service - feedback received
Vince Stanzione, Financial Spread Betting, Andrew Reynolds, Manhattan Direct - feedback received
Streetwise Cash, DCM Publications - feedback received
Sunsweetwin Promo Lottery
Stuart Goldsmith, Medina Ltd - latest news
James Edwards, CMS Publications, Col-Ease, Col-Eaze - latest news
Telecom Plus
Craft work at home
A very nice letter

Business Opportunities Advertisers Report and Directory Issue 93


Canine Behaviour Centre
Col-Ease , James Edwards, Stuart Goldsmith, CMS Publication
Entrepreneurs Mentoring and Training Association, EMTA, David Howseman
Forever Living Products (UK) Ltd
Home Steam Bath
Zed One Internet Services, Robert Barrett, The New Entrepreneurs Essential Internet Project Package


1st Choice Promotions
Creative Industries Development Service
Home Business Alliance
Kleeneze, Alison and Michael Ogden
Telecom Plus, Colin and Gwen Sanderson


How to make money from ironing, part 3, by Martin Gover, SelClene Ltd

For Info

Streetwise Marketing, The DiVergence Profit System
Pauline and Robert Chambers, Electric Money Tree,
Lawton Publishing Ltd, i-web, Business World, Asian Network, Opportunities4Wealth, TSM Communications, Gary Stone
Peter Newey, Local property search business,
It's safer to pay by credit card
Gary Woodward, The Monday Club Ltd, TBPS, Top Bet Placement Services, Sean Fradley, 147 Racing Ltd, Troy Dante, Noel Fredericason
Goldshield Group, Epson, Hewlett Packard, Neways
World Games Inc, WGI
Domain Registry of America, Circles, Women Empowering Women
New moves to hammer spammers
Telephone Preference Service
Travellers' Guild Ltd
The Bag of Sand Club Limited

Your Letters
Email processors
UK Masters Seminar, Pat Adams, Steve Hopkins
Richard Marks
Pulse International Publishing
David J. Anderson, The Business
The 5K Club,
The Add On Income Formula, John C. Poole
Roger Bates, SoulMatesUK
John Lisgo, Andrew Reynolds, Manhattan Direct, Bill Myers
Business in a Box, Richard Clarke
Streetwise Cash
DCM Publications
Telecom Plus
Simon Stepsys, Host4Income,,

Business Opportunities Advertisers Report and Directory Issue 92

Accur-8 Associates
Camelot Direct Marketing
Play Golf Online,
Gary Woodward, The Monday Club
Simair Graphics Equipment
The Wealth Accumulator

Home Business Alliance, Kleeneze

How to Make Money from Ironing, Part Two

For Info:
Merchants v. credit card companies
New US rules target pyramid schemes
Canadian Court upholds Skybiz ruling
Trading Standards Institute calls for ban on cold calling
Simon Hill, Armchair Tycoon
European software patents
Web cookies - new regulations
Streetwise Marketing
Solihull Press,
EEC attack on sale of herbs,
New money laundering regulations
Illegal tobacco sales on the net

Your Letters:
SoulMatesUK, Roger Bates
Everyday Essentials
Steve Hopkins, Kitchen Transformation Services, Casa International
Spread betting on the stockmarket
Telecom Plus
David Mooney
SexNet, Global Group, Lloyds Sterling
James Alexander
Patrick Kearney

Business Opportunities Advertisers Report and Directory Issue 91

Everyday Essentials
Five Minute Writer
Future World UK, John Lisgo
Jo Jingles Ltd
Kitchen Transformation Services, Steve Hopkins
Property Spy plc
Retire Quickly Corporation

First Choice Promotions
Home Business Alliance
Lifeshift 2003;

12 Tests for Evaluating an MLM Opportunity

How to Make Money From Ironing: Part I

For Info:

Coral calcium: bogus claims
New breed of virus - v spam
Disability discrimination
Spamming to become illegal
Roger D Bates, SoulMates UK (update)
CHD, Data Marketing Direct
Magic Moment Jewellery

Readers' Letters

No risk betting
Spread betting on the stock market
Peter Newey, Avril Harper ;
Andrew Reynolds, Manhattan Direct Ltd
Stuart Goldsmith, James Edwards

Business Opportunities Advertisers Report and Directory Issue 90

Electric Money Tree
Get Paid to Shop
Inkjet Supplies,
PIBS System
Andrew Reynolds
Tiscali Network,
Virtual World Direct e-Lotto

Corporate IT Supplies Ltd
Home Business Alliance


Twelve Tips for evaluating an MLM opportunity

For Info
i-web, Lawton Publishing Ltd
Entrepreneur - US Trademark Battle continues
Robert Barrett, Zed One Group, Phoenix Club, EmailClubUK
Nigerian e-mail scam
Microsoft sues British spammers
A nti-spam, US style
Ban on chain gifting
EU ban on unfair practices
Skybiz pyramid settlement,
Graham White, Rococco Ltd, Abulon Ltd
GH3 Gero Vital

Your Letters
Fleet Street Publications - No Risk Betting
Robert Barrett
Pressing Matters franchise,
P ooling information
Stuart Goldsmith
Generating ideas
Successful newsletters
Home Publishing
Stuart (Gold)Smith
Andrew Reynolds, Manhattan Direct

Business Opportunities Advertisers Report and Directory Issue 89

A. Walton and Associates
Beauforts IT Group
Casa International Ltd
Golden Neo-Life Diamite International,
John Douglas & Co
Honeyborne, B. R.
Tarot Reader Program


First Choice Promotions
Home Business Alliance
ACT Direct Marketing
VWD Lotto

Questionnaire Summary

DIY PR for Small Businesses

For Info

Capital Land Bank
Chain letters: David Rhodes
Hearts Scheme
OPalyh or Manks worm
BugBear virus
Trademark battles
Online businesses are booming
Fairer deal for online customers
Bogus holiday clubs campaign
Ireland adopts e-commerce directiv
New Information Commissioner,
Data Protection Agency Services
Roger D. Bates, Soulmates UK
Home Academy

Readers' Letters

IS Trading, Ibrahim Shevket, Top Star Mailshare, A. Shevket
Colin Davey
China Trust Commercial Bank
Payday Hayday
MCI Technologies Ltd
Micro Corporation International Ltd
Transcribe Jobs, 1 Providence Street, Kings Lynn
HTML Commercial Ltd
How to get a refund on your credit card
Tim Mayes, The Winning System
Chain letters, David Rhodes
FTS, Financial Training Systems Ltd, Peter Hall

Business Opportunities Advertisers Report and Directory Issue 88

Capital Land Bank
Fountain of Wealth
Home Business Program
Jewellery Direct Ltd
Prime Time Club
Tech Clean


BFP School of Photography
Everyday Print
Home Business Alliance
Savvy Club


Make Sales on the Telephone Part II

For Info

New British Code of Advertising
Trading Schemes Regulations 1997,
Business Opportunities
Spamming to become illegal
Changes to the Sale of Goods Act
New York State tax on internet purchases
Credit card fraud rising
Charity fundraising
Terror Protection Affiliate Program
123 TIP

Readers' Letters
Ceramic re-finishing
Register of genuine business opportunities
IS Trading and Ibrahim Shevket
UK Auction Line
Russ Whitney
Fleet Street Publications

Business Opportunities Advertisers Report and Directory Issue 87

Alma Group
Candle Lite
Club KO Clothing
DHS Club
Land Projects UK,
Ragged Bears
UK Auction LIne


Home Business Alliance
VWD Lotto


How I Survived My First Year In Business

Make Sales on the Telephone

For Info

Beware Post Office post code survey phone calls
Never dial 90 for anyone,
Goodbye spam
New British Code of Advertising
The Travel Association,
Homeworkers minimum wage proposal
Data Protection cheats
Berger and Company plc,
E-mail processors, Project 21
Premium Phone Services
VN Logistics
Richard Mark
DTI Quality Mark scam
MCI Technologies Ltd

Readers' Letters

VWD Lotto
Telecom Plus plc
Leisuretime UK
Streetwise Marketing,
Grosvenor Worldwide Publishing
The Lazyman's Instant Cashstream,
Earnings Bonanza Opportunity, Broadband offer

Business Opportunities Advertisers Report and Directory Issue 86

Dinky Donuts,
J S Mouldings
Phase Two Services,
Practice Builders
Telecom Plus

Site Build It
Home Business Alliance
DIY PR for Small Businesses
Make Sales on the Telephone

For Info

Changes to Copyright Law
Yves Rocher
Consumer Direct
Which Web Trader
HTML Commercial Ltd
Lawton Publishing Ltd
Stuart (Gold)Smith
Share The Wealth
Your Private Gold Mine
Peter Newey - Local Authority Search Business
MJ Emm
Euro Business Direct
CHD and Trusar Marketing
David Mooney and Magic Club, X-Connect & Sex Net
Sunsweetwin Promo Lotto
BT Openworld Broadband

Readers' Letters
Looking for £100,000 a year from the internet
Telecom Plus
Roger D Bates, SoulMates UK, How to Get Your Money Back
How to Make a Fortune Having the Time of Your Life

Business Opportunities Advertisers Report and Directory Issue 85

EmailClubUK, Robert Barrett
Green at Heart Ltd
Magic Club International,
New Dimension PR Service, Mike Truscott
QC Claims Ltd
The Money Shop

Right to Reply

For Info
Coastal Vacations
Marran Brooks CSV Ltd
E-mail auto-responders
HTML Commercial Ltd ,
Lawton Publishing Ltd ,
How to stop unwanted sales calls
Fast 2 Net Ltd
Misleading health ads,
End of instant door-step credit

Readers' Letters

Telecom Plus v EurExcel
Stuart (Gold)Smith
Power Tech Associates Ltd
Online forum
Horse race betting schemes,
Equinex Ltd
A nice letter
Homeworkers Monthly Ltd

Business Opportunities Advertisers Report and Directory Issue 84

Date Box
Goldsmith, Stuart
Government Auction News
Wade World Trade

Right to Reply
Mortgages and Loans Ltd


Clash of the Titans - TelecomPlus v EurExcel; I'd rather be a guppy than a shark

For Info

Coastal Vacations,
Timeshare sales, holiday clubs - draft legislation,
Business rates for homeworkers,
Credit card purchases,
Delta Data Services ,
Home Business Services,
Solelh Books,
Another scam from Africa,
London Electricity,
Quick Cash System 2000+,
Ray Carroll, Add On Income Formula

Readers' Letters

Guaranteed site visitors
Worm farming
David Howseman
Lands End Marketing,
Mailing list suppliers


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